I am a paper artist in the Denver metropolitan area.  I have always led a creative life and I am passionate about paper and art in its many forms.  I often gather inspiration for my work from the natural world, in addition to observations of the human experience near and far.

I work primarily with magazine pieces, painstakingly selected, based on color, weight and pattern, for each creation. These small pieces are torn and/or cut to build painterly paper collages.  I believe that recycling materials allows me to bring perspective, enable introspection and evoke emotions while helping the environment.  I enjoy the element of surprise when others discover my use of this unexpected medium.  At times, I integrate other papers or paint into my pieces, while maintaining the majority use of recycled paper. Each of my creations requires hundreds to thousands of paper pieces and is hand-made as an analog collage. Pieces are sealed and supported with professional-grade materials, including archival varnish.

I hold a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in Childhood Education from Fordham University.  I incorporate experiences from living in and visiting diverse countries and parts of the United States into my art.  I currently live in Aurora, Colorado with my Brazilian/American husband and three children.


Shara Oliman

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